"Music is my passion and has been in my life since I can remember"

My adventure with music started in my childhood, when my parents bought me my first instrument - an accordion. Initially, I was a self-taught musician and played by ear, then for several years I took accordion lessons at the music center. However, I quickly got bored of the accordion, and later, as a teenager, I also learned to play guitar and drums. This is also the period when I started writing my own lyrics and music. In 1980, I founded my first music group called Fala MÅ‚odych, which after changes in composition took the new name Pryzmat. The band performed their own songs which I was the author and composer and our music was kept in a rock style. We took part in many music reviews and competitions with the band and we took the first place twice. We played in famous student clubs, community centers, fairs and other music events. After the termination of the band Pryzmat in the fall of 1982, I suspended my musical activity. After a few years of break, I returned to music playing with various musicians and in different line-ups for the next several years.

Currently, I have been running a solo activity for several years. I compose and record quite a variety of music and it is still pop and rock music and as a form of experiment - electronic music and film music. I play instruments such as guitars, drums and keyboards.

Most of my compositions have already seen the light of day, are broadcast on several radio stations and are available in well-known music services and music stores around the world.

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