Tomski-Tomasz Stefanski           
Musician / Composer
Musician, instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter.
He composes and performs pop and rock music as well as electronic and film music. Instrumentalist playing guitars, keyboards and drums. He is also the author of lyrics for his music and several poems. For many years his music and lyrics ended up in the "drawer", but now they are gradually coming to light and are re-arranged and recorded. Some compositions from the genre of electronic music are quite innovative, combining different styles and instruments that give interesting effects. 
Founder, vocalist and guitarist of the Pryzmat (formerly Fala Młodych) music band, active in the years 1980 - 1982, with which he twice took 1st place at reviews of youth bands. He played in student clubs, community centers, fairs and other musical events in the company of other famous musicians. For the next dozen or so years, he also collaborated with several bands and musicians. He has been conducting solo activities for several years.

He also had a literary adventure in 1977, where he took part in the competition entitled "Złota Ostroga" organized by Świat Młodych. For the competition, he wrote a short SF novel entitled "The Planet From No Return", for which he was awarded a written distinction. Later, he also wrote some other short novels, but these are in the "drawer" for now.

In 2018, he took part in the "Szlachetna Paczka 2018" campaign, for which he prepared and released a special limited CD with his original electronic music.

On July 6, 2019, he appeared in an hour-long program on Radio Dance in a program presenting his music.

From 2019, a member of the Radio Equinoxe association (French radio with electronic music) alongside such stars as: J.M. Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and others.

His music is broadcast on radio stations such as: Radio Equinoxe, BBS Radio, Radio KSVB 94.1 FM, El-Stacja, Radio Dance, Radio Nuta Fm, Radio Parada, on the Vittek Records radio program and others.
Most of his compositions (now electronic music) are available in famous music services and stores around the world: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram & Facebook, TikTok & Resso, Google Play & YouTube Music, Amazon and others.


Electronic music


  1. Road to freedom - 2017
  2. The wind of hope - 2017
  3. Inspirations for my sister Berta - 2018
  4. Improvisation part I - 2018
  5. Street sounds - 2018
  6. Light in the fog - 2019
  7. The third diemension - 2020
  8. Viae speculo - 2020

EDM music

  1. Dance with the Sun - 2016
  2. Pulsating lights nights - 2016
  3. Theme on my Piano - 2016
  4. Last days of summer - 2018
  5. Metamorphosis - 2019
  6. No Ticket - 2020
  7. Tripudium - 2020

Pop music

  1. Christmas Lullaby - 2019
Film music
  1. Lost birds - 2019

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